Meaning of Short Chat Codes and Internet slangs...

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I am 37 year old blogger from United Arab Emirates. My passion is to make blogs which provide valuable information to people.I have just started my carrier in the online industry and there are tons of things which i am learning at the moment.

In this speedy world its very important to convey your message in a conversion that where these acronyms comes to help you. If start to type everything especially when you are chatting using a mobile it would be boring and time consuming.Funnies part is that almost everybody knows these short codes ,at least some of the common codes but very few seems to know the exact meaning of these codes.for example at first I thought LOL means lots of love but i came to know the exact meaning after a while which is Laugh out load .

In this blog i am going to explain the meaning of each codes we use in chat at this time and try to give some real examples so that you can learn the exact meaning of this code and use it wisely in your day to day chatting.

The more codes you learn the faster you will be able to chat with your partner. Enjoy.