SMH Meaning -Variations of SMH Abbreviation

SMH Abbreviation and Variations

Curious to learn the SMH meaning because you see it used in a text or in a message you got online? The answer is that SMH means “Shaking My Head”. The term is usually used to express disapproval at something or someone. There are alternative SMH meanings floating around, though the most common one and the one most people refer to is the one we mentioned already. Other alternative meanings for SMH include “Scratching My Head” and “So Much Hate”, though few people actually use this Internet slang term in that way. In the vast majority of cases, you’ll be getting a shaking head when someone use this term in a text message.

There are a couple of variations of the SMH abbreviation, and we mention them below:

  • SMDHShaking My Damn Head
  • SMGDHShaking My God Damn Head
  • SMHIDShaking My Head In Despair

As you can see, the SMH meaning is quite clear, even when you pick one of the variations, which just add a word or two, to make a bigger impact. Other than that, you now know what SMH means and how you can use it in a conversation. Go on, disapprove of something one of your friends said to test it out.

How to use SMH in conversations

Now that you know the SMH meaning, you just need to understand how it should be used and in what situations. The best use for it is when you hear or see something that is illogical or just plain stupid. Whenever you encounter this kind of situation, using SMH is perfectly OK, though you could also go with one of the variations (SMDH, SMGDH or SMHID, all explained above).

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In my next post i am going to share the latest abbreviations which people are using in the current time.

Correct and Wrong Use of SMH

Correct and Wrong Use of SMH

I’m glad you visited this website and I really hope you have a great time surfing around. In case you missed out on the last article, you can read it up by simply searching and clicking on the article before this one.
On today’s article, I will be guiding you further down into the meaning, importance, correct and wrong use of smh. You already know the importance of smh (check out the last article if you have not read it up). In this article, we examine and present sound information on when to use and when notto use smh. Let’s get going immediately.

Wrong Use of SMH

You must know that smh means a lot of things to a lot of people and must be used with great care. Since the acronym represents a negative feeling, you had better understood the situation before you use it. Below are some wrong or incorrect ways of using this acronym.

Don’t Use it in Verbal Communication

It is going to be really weird to pop the alphabets s-m-h at someone in the middle of a conversation. Imagine how odd it would seem if someone were to do the same to you. So remember to always use it when necessary; in typed text form during chats and on the internet.

Understand The Situation Before You Use it

It is not only going to be weird to use this at the wrong moment in a conversation, but very insulting to hurl them at your audience without first of all considering whether the situation demands it or not.

When Should I Use smh

Well, this I pretty much a thing of your discretion. If the situation sounds right, and you are sure using it will not hurt anyone, then, you may use it in your conversation. Additionally, using smh spices up conversations, so it is worthwhile to use it every now and then. Always ensure that it is used at the appropriate time and no one will feel slighted. Join me on the next article on smh. I will take out time to guide you through the metamorphosis of smh.
We will get to talk about how it came into existence, its social reception, the group of people that use it the most and of course, the most epic ways of using smh. So come back for more. I will be ready for you with more!

smh meaning in text messages

smh meaning in text messages

In texting messages and mutual conversations, so many short words and abbreviations are used instead of long phrases. Every abbreviation has same meaning and scope that the complete phrase has. That’s why; in texting at your cell phone or in the chat rooms, using abbreviation is a great trend and fashion. If we consult over these abbreviations, then we find various meanings of SMH, but the all meanings represent the same thing. In the crucial situations, the regret abbreviations are used, which represent the mental condition of the text senders. In short, the exact meaning of SMH is scratching my head, which is a puzzle and worried situation of the mental of someone, who is facing some problem. It’s written in reply of the texts sent by someone. In the routine life, we drive SMH as scratching my head, but in some other field and languages, the SMH Meaning is different.

Smh Meaning
In the text and chat, the meaning of SHM is just a situation of craze and stretching. When somebody sends you a lot of fool and stupid messages without any meaning, then you face a poor situation, which creates headache for you. In this situation, you just type SMH on your cell phone or chat box and send to the other side. If the person on the other side is sensible and wise, then he will soon understand the exact meaning of SMH. He will conclude that the text receiver is saying that by his messages his stretching my head. This texting notify and warn the message sender and tries preventing him for sending any more messages. In this way, the persons, who are sending a lot messages without any meaning, can be prevented for doing this. This is actually a great and more decent style of preventing someone away from fool texting.

In a world of too many words and the need for constant communication, there is need to constantly use acronyms in our day to day communication. I believe you may have used some of them in your chats or even in a text message. However, what is of interest to us today is the acronym “smh”.

What Does SMH Mean?

SMH stands for a lot of things on the internet. For some people, it represents “So Much Hate” and for some others, it represents “Scratching My Head” But for the purpose of this article, we will be referring to the most popular meaning of this word. And this meaning is “Shaking My Head

Where Do People Use SMH?

As I have already hinted, the acronym “smh” is mainly used when sending text messages or to increase speed while typing messages on forums (on the web and social media) and in formal or informal chat. Other ways and/or places “smh” is frequently used include”

Skype chats
Yahoo Messenger chats
Whatsapp chat
Blackberry pinging
Twitter tweets
Pinterest pins
Google+ posts
Bebo chats
Facebook posts
QQ chat….

Why do People Use SMH?

Make no mistake and have no doubt, communication will be too long and too boring if everything is to be said in full and at all times. To make sure that communication is as fluid as possible and meaningful too, smh is used strategically by people to make the whole thing easy. I will now briefly outline some of the reasons people use smh and the benefits of using it. Let’s go”
Smh increases the speed of communication between two or more people in a discussion. For instance, instead of saying something like “Did you know that that man spent the whole time lamenting the death of his cat instead saving his documents from the fire in his building? Shaking my head”, it can be shortened to “Did you know that that man spent the whole time lamenting the death of his cat instead saving his documents from the fire in his building? Smh”

Again, smh prevents unnecessary repetition in communication. This is particularly useful to stammers and in the prevention of lisping.

Lastly, it makes chat more interesting to the parties taking part in it.

The next article will throw more light on the acronym smh. Join me soonest as we discuss the correct and wrong uses of smh. Have a great day ahead.

 What Does SMH Mean

SMH Meaning- Shake My Head

SMH Meaning

SMH meaning

What does SMH means?

As the use of internet has increased, communication among the people has also raised, regardless it is among the known people or among the strangers. The known people communicate through the various social networks and apps, but the strangers can also be contacted at various sites on which you are enabled to post reviews. Actually, you cannot call it the communication as people do not communicate directly with each other. They write their reviews about the particular thing, which can be a movie, song, a write-up, social event, politics news or any other thing. And acronyms have been widely used in this type of communication. They have become the perfect way to show brevity and explain all you want to say without much explanation.

SMH meaning

SMH is one of the most commonly used acronyms and stands for “Shake My Head”. As the full form of the acronym depicts, it is used to show the disappointment and shock on the behavior of other people.

Just, think that what you do when you don’t agree with a point-of-view. You shake your head in reaction. And SMH is used in the same way. SMH is also used by the people when they find something much stupid or foolish that there is no justification for it.

However, despite the common meaning of SMH, there is another meaning that is believed and used by many people. According to them, SMH stands for “So Much Hate”. You must be thinking that why this difference of meaning has arisen. Well, it is because of the little difference that people have in interpreting these acronyms through facial expressions. Well, it is not a big issue that this acronym has two meanings as both these phrases can be applied to the same situation. For an instance, “Shake My Head” and “So Much Hate” are used by the people when they don’t agree with the ideas/people or find them bad or foolish. But, if you are concerned about the most used meaning then it is the “Shake My Head”.

When you can use SMH ?

After reading the SMH meaning, you will be well aware that where you can use this acronym. Even then we would like to tell you the situations in which you can use SMH. These situations are:

  • While communicating through internet.It can be used for both written and spoken communication. Like you can use SMH while talking to someone on skype or while doing chat at Facebook, WhatsApp, Imo and any other app.
  • However, SMH is not only for online use. You can also write it in your text messages.
  • As brevity is preferred everywhere, you can also use SMH while talking to someone in real life. And undoubtedly, young generation uses lots of slang in their day-to-day life.

Thus, there is no limitation for using SMH, you can use it anywhere, anytime with anyone when you disagree and are disappointed at anything.

Why to use SMH ?

A main thing that is preferred in communication, especially in written communication, is brevity. People want to explain their reactions and feelings in just few words. It not only lets them to communicate quickly, but the acronyms are much easy to use. It has led the people to abbreviate their words as much they can and this in turn has resulted in the origin of acronyms like SMH. By using them you are not required to type lengthy messages, but just a few letters. Like, instead of typing “Hahahahaha”, you write “lol” which means laughing out loud; instead of writing “talk to you later”, you write “ttul”; instead of writing “Good Morning”, you write “GM” and more. However, this concept of brevity has not only led to the origin of the acronyms, but it also applies to the origin of emoticons (like smiles, frowns, angry face, etc).

Another reason that has increased the use of the acronyms like SMH is the limited number of characters in the text messaging. So, to make the message fit according to that limit, people consider using acronyms. For an instance, Twitter allows you to say whatever you want to in just 140 characters. So, using acronyms like SMH is the only way to say all you want to say. So, to make sure that you comment fits the text field, you can use these acronyms.

Using SMH rather than typing a long message for explaining what you feel about a particular thing/situation will let you save your time. In the case you are disappointed at a situation or are disagree with a concept, just type “SMH”.

Different tones of SMH

Undoubtedly, your tone of saying “SMH” cannot be depicted in the written communication. But, as it is used to convey a negative response to a matter or person, it can have hurtful weight depending on the fact that how you have said it. SMH is a kind of acronym that can be related to harass, abuse or any other such feeling that can make the other person really angry. There are two different cases which can have different reaction for the acronym “SMH”.

When you use SMH at personal level, then it is not terribly taken in the negative manner, but when used among a group of friends (either in written or oral communication), it can lead to a derisive knock between them. But, the case will not be same in the case the communication is going on among the fast friends. Moreover, when you use “SMH” for strangers (like on FB, Twitter, YouTube or any other website),then it less likely to be taken in the constructive or friendly tone. It can further lead to seeking the attention of potential abusers and harassers. So, it depends on the situation for which you are commenting “SMH” and the people among which you are using it that how it is taken by others.

SMH Meaning is different for all, so you are required to pay little attention that where and for whom you are using it, if you want to avoid the unwanted disputes.

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