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Correct and Wrong Use of SMH

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Correct and Wrong Use of SMH

I’m glad you visited this website and I really hope you have a great time surfing around. In case you missed out on the last article, you can read it up by simply searching and clicking on the article before this one.
On today’s article, I will be guiding you further down into the meaning, importance, correct and wrong use of smh. You already know the importance of smh (check out the last article if you have not read it up). In this article, we examine and present sound information on when to use and when notto use smh. Let’s get going immediately.

Wrong Use of SMH

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You must know that smh means a lot of things to a lot of people and must be used with great care. Since the acronym represents a negative feeling, you had better understood the situation before you use it. Below are some wrong or incorrect ways of using this acronym.

Don’t Use it in Verbal Communication

It is going to be really weird to pop the alphabets s-m-h at someone in the middle of a conversation. Imagine how odd it would seem if someone were to do the same to you. So remember to always use it when necessary; in typed text form during chats and on the internet.

Understand The Situation Before You Use it

It is not only going to be weird to use this at the wrong moment in a conversation, but very insulting to hurl them at your audience without first of all considering whether the situation demands it or not.

When Should I Use smh

Well, this I pretty much a thing of your discretion. If the situation sounds right, and you are sure using it will not hurt anyone, then, you may use it in your conversation. Additionally, using smh spices up conversations, so it is worthwhile to use it every now and then. Always ensure that it is used at the appropriate time and no one will feel slighted. Join me on the next article on smh. I will take out time to guide you through the metamorphosis of smh.
We will get to talk about how it came into existence, its social reception, the group of people that use it the most and of course, the most epic ways of using smh. So come back for more. I will be ready for you with more!

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