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EOD meaning

What Does EOD Means?

EOD is a commonly used acronyms and its stands for “End Of Discussion”.  It is commonly used in text messages. It is used when the speakers believes that the case will not respond to any further arguments. It is also used when the speakers wants to end the discussion. In simple words it is used when someone believes that there is no more room for any further discussion on any argument.

EOD meaning
eod meaning – end of discussion


EOD Meaning – End of Discussion

It is used when someone wants to end discussion on specific topic, or put an end to chat

Discussion means

Conversation or talks between two or more people on any topic.

End means

Bring something to an end.

Uses of phrase EOD (End of discussion)

It is always used when anybody wants to end a discussion during chat or meeting. It is also means to put the discussion to an end, bring an end of the argument, come up with a solution than end the discussion, after solving a problem put an end to the discussion.

Different ways of using EOD (End of Discussion)

This slang word is used in various ways, sometimes when someone is angry and don’t want to talk anymore then the person just type EOD which means “this is the End of Discussion and I don’t want to talk anymore on this topic/argument”.

The short code EOD is also used when the deal is done between two persons.  e.g. “I will sell you laptop for just 1000$ no more bargain this is the end of discussion “

Examples of EOD 

After End of Discussion between two countries the problem was resolved.

No more argument on this matter and this is the End of Discussion .

EOD is also used in the following meaning as well:

  1. The End Of Data
  2. Explosive Ordnance Disposal
  3. Event Of Default
  4. Every Other Day
  5. End Of Day




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