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SMH Meaning -Variations of SMH Abbreviation

smh meaning

SMH Abbreviation and Variations

smh abbreviation

Curious to learn the SMH meaning because you see it used in a text or in a message you got online? The answer is that SMH means “Shaking My Head”. The term is usually used to express disapproval at something or someone. There are alternative SMH meanings floating around, though the most common one and the one most people refer to is the one we mentioned already. Other alternative meanings for SMH include “Scratching My Head” and “So Much Hate”, though few people actually use this Internet slang term in that way. In the vast majority of cases, you’ll be getting a shaking head when someone use this term in a text message.

There are a couple of variations of the SMH abbreviation, and we mention them below:

  • SMDHShaking My Damn Head
  • SMGDHShaking My God Damn Head
  • SMHIDShaking My Head In Despair

As you can see, the SMH meaning is quite clear, even when you pick one of the variations, which just add a word or two, to make a bigger impact. Other than that, you now know what SMH means and how you can use it in a conversation. Go on, disapprove of something one of your friends said to test it out.

How to use SMH in conversations

Now that you know the SMH meaning, you just need to understand how it should be used and in what situations. The best use for it is when you hear or see something that is illogical or just plain stupid. Whenever you encounter this kind of situation, using SMH is perfectly OK, though you could also go with one of the variations (SMDH, SMGDH or SMHID, all explained above).

SMH Meaning

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In my next post i am going to share the latest abbreviations which people are using in the current time.

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