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SMH Meaning in Detail and how it was derived

smh meaning

SMH Means What ?

In texting messages and mutual conversations, so many short words and abbreviations are used instead of long phrases. Every abbreviation has same meaning and scope that the complete phrase has. That’s why; in texting at your cell phone or in the chat rooms, using abbreviation is a great trend and fashion. If we consult over these abbreviations, then we find various meanings of SMH, but the all meanings represent the same thing. In the crucial situations, the regret abbreviations are used, which represent the mental condition of the text senders. In short, the exact meaning of SMH is scratching my head, which is a puzzle and worried situation of the mental of someone, who is facing some problem. It’s written in reply of the texts sent by someone. In the routine life, we drive SMH as scratching my head, but in some other field and languages, the SMH Meaning is different.

Smh Meaning
In the text and chat, the meaning of SHM is just a situation of craze and stretching. When somebody sends you a lot of fool and stupid messages without any meaning, then you face a poor situation, which creates headache for you. In this situation, you just type SMH on your cell phone or chat box and send to the other side. If the person on the other side is sensible and wise, then he will soon understand the exact meaning of SMH. He will conclude that the text receiver is saying that by his messages his stretching my head. This texting notify and warn the message sender and tries preventing him for sending any more messages. In this way, the persons, who are sending a lot messages without any meaning, can be prevented for doing this. This is actually a great and more decent style of preventing someone away from fool texting.

Smh Meaning
Now, we put SMH word in the light of Australian language, where this word has different meaning. In Australia, SMH Meaning is “Sydney Morning Herald”, which is quite different in meaning and logic. It’s a casual word that is extremely being used in Australia and especially in Sydney. Every person in Australia knows very well about SMH, because the Australians use this word daily in their casual, indoor, outdoor and official life extremely. Basically, SMH is a famous and wonderful newspaper of Sydney that is published in the morning by Fairfax Media of Sydney. It has been publishing since 1983 and is still published by the company. This newspaper brings huge knowledge and awareness for the readers. It is published by Fairfax Media six days in a week. It throws light on every aspect happening in Australia and for business purpose; it’s quite beneficial for the businessmen.

Smh Meaning
Here in another country SMH Meaning is distinct from the previous meanings. In the Stock Market of America, the exact meaning of SMH is derived as “Semiconductor HOLDRS Trust”. It’s an exchange traded fund organization of American Stock Market, which has been established for the assistance and recovery of the brokers and traders. The functions and activities of this organization are establishing the co-operation among the traders and brokers in the market. All procedures and tasks in the market are also controlled by this fund organization. It sometimes issues loans and funds to the traders for sake of their dependent business activities. The facilities, which are provided to the traders, are managed and controlled by this stock market authority. It also supports and helps in products, shares, selling and buying activities of the traders. Many other numerous actions and duties are performed by Semiconductor HOLDRS Trust in the Stock Market of America.

Now, after discussing various stylish meanings of SMH, we can conclude that the meaning of SMH is taken different in the various parts of the world. It just depends upon the language and tradition of the region or country. In every field its meaning changes and in the chat rooms, this word has many other meanings, which are all used in the conversations and chatting. These meanings are the shortcut keys for the people, who are chatting with each other. In English grammar and vocabulary, SMH has several meanings and scope that is being used in various notations and phrases.


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